•  2017 Presidents Meeting Mumbai

    2017 Presidents Meeting Mumbai

    The Presidents' Meeting 2017 was held in Mumbai from February 5-8 at Hotel Taj Lands End, Bandra.

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  •  WFDB Charter on Disclosure of Synthetic, Treated Natural and Natural Diamonds

    WFDB Charter on Disclosure of Synthetic, Treated Natural and Natural Diamonds

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  • World Diamond Mark ®

    World Diamond Mark ®

    When the world loves, we are here.

    The World Diamond Mark Foundation is anon-for-profit organisation incorporated in Hong Kong to promote consumer desirability and confidence in diamonds. It’s global objective is to ensure the health and future growth of the diamond and diamond jewellery industry in the luxury market sector. Read More
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37th World Diamond Congress

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Open letter regarding over grading certification

The diamond industry is facing a serious challenge to its integrity which could lead to major consumer confidence problems, if diamonds are sold with overstated certification. I want to stress that this is an industry problem that must be resolved by the industry in order to retain consumer confidence in our product and sustain and develop the international diamond trade.

Recently, awareness was raised regarding problems existing within a specific laboratory group and the overstating of grading from certain laboratories in this group, which has led to the exclusion of said laboratories certificates by the Rapaport Group.